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Elect Sam Hunt, Washington State Senate, 22nd LD


During this important time in our history, I want to continue my efforts to protect workers, help local businesses, ensure children receive a high quality education, and provide care for the vulnerable members of our society. This is why I am running for another term in the senate.

How much our world has changed!  We have gone from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to a near standstill in our daily routines.

One thing is clear, experience matters!  We need legislators who understand the importance of government and the services it provides. Washington State needs leaders who are able to assess situations and make tough decisions, and I fear we will have all too many tough decisions in the coming weeks and months.

The last two sessions are full of major accomplishments—access to democracy elections legislation, paid family leave, increased funding for education, protections for public employees’ privacy, behavioral health, affordable housing, early learning, the environment and other areas important to the people of this state. This biennium’s budget leaves more than $3.5 billion in reserves – an extraordinarily important figure given what we face in these unprecedented and unpredictable times. We finished the session on time, only the third time in the last 79 years that has happened!

How will we hold all this together? Will there have to be a special session later in the year? When will life return to “normal”? What lessons will we learn from this experience? No one is sure, but I am committed to fighting for the safety and well-being of everyone in my district and across our state. Our governor and our legislature are keeping a steady hand on the wheel and showing the nation that Washington state is blessed with strong leadership. We are listening to the experts, following science and taking action to reduce barriers to services, working to protect our communities. That is why experience matters.





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    Thoughts Before Election Day

    As we move through the last week of the campaign, I want to share some random thoughts. Yes, we will be glad when November 4 arrives and voting has finished, but votes will remain to be counted after that day.< First, a special thank you to all who have supported my reelection campaign with contributions, personal encouragement, putting a sign in your yard, and voting for me. It is truly an honor to serve as a state senator. I keep reminding myself that there are only 147 legislators who pass< laws that impact over seven million residents. That is one reason I often stop in the Legislative Building rotunda and marvel at the beautiful dome and think about the special honor I have received. Serving in the legislature is not for personal reward, although it is rewarding; it is about setting policies that will make lives better for future generations. What I vote on in 2021 will have a bigger impact on my six year-old grandson, Rory, than me.
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    Vote Yes on Referendum 90 - Support Medically Accurate Sex Ed

    VOTE YES ON REFERENDUM 90SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING & COMPREHENSIVE SEX EDUCATION NOTE: To keep this safe and sane law on the books and provide this essential education to our students, vote YES on Referendum 90. Mention the word sex, and people’s attention immediately perks up.  A new law to mandate comprehensive sex and social-emotional education in our public schools has drawn such attention, especially from very conservative groups such as the Family Policy Institute (FPI).  One issue on the ballot this year is Referendum 90, which would repeal the state’s new comprehensive sex education law. Opponents are running a sensationalistic and very dishonest attack on the law. The referendum would approve SB 5395, which was passed by the Legislature in 2020 and signed into law by the Governor. If one reads or listens to the opponents’ arguments, it would appear that legislators who voted for the bill must have been out or their minds. However, the law is not about teaching graphic sex to kindergarten and elementary school students, as FPI and others allege. It is not about normalizing deviant sexual behaviors. It is about teaching medically accurate and appropriate social-emotional behavior and age-appropriate sex education to students. (If you’d like more specifics about how these claims are inaccurate, I recommend this article.)
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