Missing Our Loved Ones

Sam with his mother DebLast week, I posted about my wife; today I'm sharing that my 99 year old mother is in a group home here in Olympia. She and housemates are on lockdown; they are all at extreme risk from COVID 19. One of the hardest parts of this experience is being unable to visit her and comfort her. Like mom, I'm staying home because I'm in a risk group.

I'm sharing this because I want folks who are in risk groups because of autoimmune diseases, age, or other complications to know your struggles are shared. This experience is tough. It's harder without having our loved ones close. It's the hardest for folks like my mom who don't have access to the internet and have limited ways for friends and family to reach to them. That's why I've encouraged my children and my grandson to make sure they're using this time to write letters and draw pictures to send to their grandma/great-grandma. I hope if it's possible, some of you will take the take to write letters to your loved ones today as well.