Stay Home, Stay Safe

I struggle to write this.

Charlene HuntAlmost three years ago I lost my wife, and mother of my children, to a 13 year battle with ovarian cancer. Daily I think what it would be like for her with her fragile immune system to be facing this pandemic. Would have even the most stringent isolation have saved her from this? How much additional stress would this place on her family and friends? She was a fighter; she had to be to battle ovarian cancer and go through annual sessions of chemotherapy and almost monthly blood transfusions while fighting the beast. Yet, in the words of Elizabeth warren, “She persisted.”

I think of a person the three 22nd district legislators have been helping. She needs cancer surgery, installation of a port for chemo, and then chemo. Alas, someone at St.Peter determined that cancer surgery was an elective procedure and denied the process. She is closer to surgery, and it appears she will soon get it. She is also a fighter, refusing to take no for an answer and seeking every avenue possible to take care of herself. I hope that she will prove to be a long term fighter and cancer survivor—in spite of this pandemic.

So when you think of the inconveniences you face due to Stay Home, Stay Safe, please remember these two strong women and their fighting spirits.

Stay strong, and we will beat this thing.