A Thank You to Workers

In March we never, never imagined we would be in this situation!

Please remember the people in both the private and public sectors who are working extra days and hours to help meet our needs.

Think of the teachers who, on a moment’s notice had to switch to online learning or preparing special sessions for students without Internet access. Think of the Employment Security staff working six day 10+ hour days processing the largest number of unemployment claims in state history while trying to protect against scams and fraudulent claims. Think of health care workers who face totally new challenges. Think of postal workers struggling to stay ahead of the increases in mail deliveries. Think of Department of Natural Resource staff who face fire season with the uncertainty of having adequate numbers of firefighters. Think of restaurants, retail stores, and small businesses that have ben forced to close or provide very limited services, And think of the many others I am sure were left out of the list. Please bring your patience and kindness when you're out running errands or doing other activities.

I want to thank everyone who is working hard to help us all get through these challenging times. Whether you're working, doing volunteer work like making masks or helping at the food bank, or doing your part by staying home and practicing social distancing to protect yourself and others. Thank you.

Like so many others, I long for a turn toward what we considered normal. It is going to be a long road back, and we need to stick together.